Art Evolution

August 24th, 2011, 8:49 am

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Reply Siliva, August 24th, 2011, 9:27 am

Thought I'd cook this up in the downtime between classes. A chronicle of Art Evolution for our 5 main protags.

Chapter 1 - Sakima started out very close to Annilater's original sketch. Round eyes, round faces for everyone, not just Sakima. Somewhat useful for making characters look younger. acceptable considering no one knew how old anyone was at this point.
Chapter 2 - Hair becomes a bit pointier, and his jacket becomes pure black with tone mixed in here and there. Eyes are slightly more angular.
Chapter 3 - Looking a bit more like Sakima now. His bangs are expanded out a bit more, and his neck becomes thicker and less long (sometimes).
Chapter 4 - Eyes are much more angular now, though face seems to alternate between angular and rounded. Spikey hair fans out a lot more now.
Chapter 5 - Face becomes much longer which results in a much more older looking Sakima--he actually looks like he's 22. Sort of. Scar on his cheeck finally becomes more 3D. To me, this is where I perfected Sakima.
Chapter 6 - Not much of a change from chapter 5. Hatching sees a bit more use (after using it a lot in chapters 3 and 4) but more proper use and not just random lines.

Chapter 1 - Starts off with small-ish eyes, and a round face for a younger look.
Chapter 2 - Neck gets longer, eyes get a bit bigger, and the hair hilites don't look so poorly done.
Chapter 3 - Azui gets less cute and more like "I'm gonna kick your ass". She gets the hatching treatment that everyone else got around this point. The colored tips of her hair go further down, being to around her boobs instead of just past her shoulders. Speaking of boobs, they got bigger here.
Chapter 4 - Skirt gets shorter. 8D
Chapter 5 - Azuki's got a lot more hilites in her hair. Boobs got a little bigger I think. Hair got longer...maybe.
Chapter 6 - Making a conscious effort to not make her chest so big. |D Added a bit of blush lines to her face. Begins to look cute again. XD

Chapter 1 - Round face, etc. Actually starts off with slightly more angular eyes than everyone else. Tends to miss one eye a lot.
Chapter 2 - Huge jump from chapter 1, and more or less looks like how he does now. Gets into his regular outfit, which never to this day stop being simple and low-detailed as hell.
Chapter 3 - Taisuke gets the most hatchlines added out of anyone. Face is a bit more angular, so he looks older, but not much older.
Chapter 4 - I have no idea why his eyes got bigger.
Chapter 5 - He didn't do much in this chapter, but he looks all right.
Chapter 6 - I actually don't like how I'm drawing Taisuke now. It looks strange to me. Bleh.

Chapter 1 - Probably the youngest looking out of everyone.
Chapter 2 - Hair got darker.
Chapter 3 - Eyes are smaller, and he looks the same age as everyone else now.
Chapter 4 - ...Eyes got bigger again and he looks younger again. OTL
Chapter 6 - Hair is more spread out, and reminds me a lot of Yusei Fudo's hairstyle.

Chapter 2 - Cute, round face. Poorly drawn hair buns. (Hey, those things are hard to draw!)
Chapter 3 - Face got longer, and boobs got bigger towards the end of the chapter.
Chapter 6 - Hairstyle is completely redone, outfit redone, looks cuter as compared to chapter 3. Hair hilites are toned down a bit, and her boobs are smaller. Pigtails are way easier to draw as opposed to hair buns, so that's a plus for me. XD

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Reply Hero of Comedy, August 24th, 2011, 4:21 pm

Your characters have certainly come a long way, my friend.

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