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Welcome to Yu-Gi-Oh! 09.

--Updates Mondays and Fridays-- Sakima Hirose's tragic past leads him down the path of justice as a part of the Duel Agents--a CIA-style team of ten Duelists made to take on the high crime of Neo Domino City! With the threat of the terror gang Aurora looming over the horizon, can Sakima work with his fellow Duel Agents Azuki Haneaoi and Taisuke Yatsuda to take Aurora down? Follow the story of Sakima and the Duel Agents as Yu-Gi-Oh! 09 presents all new cards, characters, and challenges in the biggest Yu-Gi-Oh! fan comic the internet has to offer!

We're back!

Sorry I've been so lacking on the page updates, and the unplanned hiatuses have all pretty much been my fault. Blame lack of motivation/getting burned out over the summer and a few other factors. But hopefully 09 will be here to stay for a whie. But, since college has started back up, I've got to update slower. Page updates will be on Mondays and Fridays--with the possibility for an extra page on Mondays if I have the time. Thanks for all your patience with us!
- Siliva

Hello, everybody! I updated the cards section of this website so you all can see everything that has been used so far! I hope everybody finds this interesting since I worked hard on it. I'll continue to work hard as I update it as my written duels show up. I hope you like my first duels that are showcased in chapter 10! And leave a comment here if you'd like. I won't turn down a question about the duels or cards. : D
- ColdKlaus

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Everyday I'm shuffl-*shot*


So here at 09 we're going to be doing a little bit of shuffling of positions and workloads as well as showing our faces more often!! If you're new, welcome and hopefully our remodeling doesn't get in the way of you enjoying our comic! If you've stuck with us as long as we've been up, cookies and congrats to you! I hope you all keep reading and you'll be seeing some pretty interesting changes if you really keep an eye on us! Thanks everyone and hope you have a happy December!!

PS- As a special treat of being on break we're going to update a little more frequently. That's what happens when everyone's off of school! ^-^


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Page Updates

Today I went into a few pages in chapters five and six to fix a few mistakes/touch up somethings.

A lot of lettering mistakes (misuse of the "I" with crossbars mostly) were fixed in chapter five. A few lines were re-worded. Text placement was adjusted a bit. (Most noticeable the "DUEL!!!" on page 2.

The color pages in chapter six have also been reuploaded with minor edits so they aren't as grainy as before.

I could go back and fix a lot of things from chapters one to four, but at that point I feel like it's retconning almost (then again, we do that enough already...). So these touch ups will mainly be contained to more relatively recent pages.

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